July 27-29, 2018
Recreation center "Slavyanskoye Podvorye", Ulyanovsk
Longing for the summer? That's a right thing to do 'cause there's something really worth waiting for. The main summer event for each IT person – the most "beachy" IT conference ULCAMP-2018 will take place July, 27-29. Miss it and you are going to regret it until the next year
ULCAMP must be the most unusual conference of the ones you have ever been to. Firstly, its main venue is on the beach. Have you ever seen anything like that? That's it!

Best speakers from Russia and other countries, live music, sports competitions and tasty food make a perfect way to spend a joyful and productive weekend. At least is a chance to spend some time in the fresh air. Remember the last time you did that?
Look how cool it was last year! This time everything's going to be even better, we promise.
Come on, tell your friends!
Organizers: Ulyanovsk Council for Internet Technologies Cultivation
Sports competition organizer:
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